Students are encouraged to enroll in at least one senior elective; nine electives and four obstetrics- and gynecology-related electives are offered. However, participating in one or more electives does not guarantee an interview for a position in the residency program. UAMS students are given preference to enroll in the senior electives, and then visiting students are considered. Visiting students are encouraged to apply as early as possible since some courses require director approval and VSAS closes by July or once the institutional limit is reached.

Electives Offered

Recommendations for UAMS Students Considering Ob/Gyn Residency

  • Complete one or two electives in the field of interest including one acting internship
    • Consider a sub-specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology: one ambulatory, one surgery, one medicine, and one inpatient elective in any field
    • Consider an acting internship in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics or surgery
  • Select one elective in the top one or two non-UAMS programs, if possible
  • Competitive applicants (Step 1 >/=225 and Step 2 >/=240)
    • If applying for competitive programs, participate in research, AOA, and/or submit abstract or paper; consider doing non-Ob/Gyn electives that will complement OBGYN residency training
  • Non-competitive applicants (Step 1 <225 and Step 2 <240)
    • Consider non-academic programs (hospital-based)
    • Consider doing an acting internship in a back-up residency (family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics) and doing electives in non-academic programs
  • Consider taking electives from other fields such as pediatrics, family medicine, genetics, internal medicine, surgery, infectious diseases, anesthesiology, radiology, emergency medicine, urology, endocrinology (medicine), cardiology, dermatology, etc.

Ob/Gyn senior electives are generally recommended for the following residencies: family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, radiology, etc.